’ If you want to find out why the birds sing- try paragliding’’.

Paragliding gives you a unique sense of freedom, raises adrenaline and provides an  extraordinary view on natural beauties  from ’’the bird’s-eye view’’. As in other extreme sports, it implies certain risks that can be diminished to minimum if one uses the safety equipment.

The valley of Nis  surrounded by mountain ranges  represents  an ideal terrain for paragliding. Favourable winds and good climate conditions of the Nis surroundings are fit for organizing  European and world competition( National  Championship in Paragliding 1997; The Third World Championship in Accuracy in Niska Banja  in 2005; a stage of World Cup in Flight in Sicevo, two First category competitions in Landing and Flight in 2008.)The best period for flying is from May till September, although it’s possible to fly throughout the whole year.

For the beginners we recommend  the take off on Koritnik, 4 km from Niska Banja downtown, 15 km from Nis.

By a passenger vehicle it’s possible to reach the start at 550 m, while the landing is on the height of 220 m.

Mt. Koritnik is good for beginners.