Programs in Nis are tourist an recreational, and they are intended  for the lovers of river and nature. The program depends on the weather conditions and the water level. The organizer provides: boats, oars, helmets and vests, and the participants must follow the instructions of the organizer. This program is categorized  as a soft plus program.

Rafting in Sicevo gorge. In the most beautiful  part of Sicevo gorge it’s mapped out a rafting trail. The program is conveyed  on the river between Dolac and Ostrovica. The length of the trail is 7 km, and the descent lasts approximately 3 h, depending on the height of the water level and the intensity of rowing.

Nisava descent occurs on the route from the bridge  between Niska Banja and village Prosek to Vrezina pools. The length of the track is  8.5 km, and the program lasts from 2-3 h, depending  on the water level, river speed, and the intensity of rowing. The regatta passes the settlements: Zeneva, Brzi Brod and Mediana.

Sports-recreation organization ’’Safari klub’’

Phone: 063 80 90 645