If you’re the lover of the underground world, then the caves in the surroundings of Nis are a  right challenge for you: explore the channels, experience completely extraordinary discoveries, meet their hidden beauties: speleothemes, draperies, halls, helictites… Enjoy the company of bats and fire salamanders, honorable inhabitants of the caves.

Get acquainted with the underground world of Svrljig mountains, and pay a visit to Cerje, Samar, Popsica, Prekonoga and other caves.

Cerje cave

Adventure tours in Cerje cave are conceived for everyone who wants to visit completely unarranged  parts of the cave , with demanding passages and water boundaries.Test your endurance and climbing skills. Adventures are realized in small groups (up to 8 people), with different degrees of difficulty in the company of an experienced guide. Choose your whole-day adventure  and adjust the visit to your possibilities  and interests (educational, scientific/research and sports adventure visits). The tour of the cave  to 1650 m lasts for 4 hours.

In order to see the helictites, spend 7 h in the cave  and explore 3000 m of the channel of 6.025 explored so far. The end of the cave hasn’t been discovered yet!

It’s possible to enter the cave only in the presence of an authorized person.



Samar Cave

Samar cave  is located 10 km from Svrljig and 45 km from Nis. It is known as Milutin’s cave , because the famous Serbian speleologist Milutin Veljkovic  spent 464 days there, and entered the Guinness’s book of records.

Popsica Cave

Popsica cave is situated 45 km from Nis , with the total length of the channel of 620 m.The major characteristics of this cave are its bio-speleological significance, and the colonies of bats that can be encountered  at various points of the deep galleries.

Prekonoga Cave

Prekonoga cave is located 5 km Southeast from Svrljig, over Prekonoga village. What differs this cave from others  is that the traces of paleolithic man have been found there.