Remarkable beauty of Nis is hidden in the nature that surrounds the city. Approximately 10 km from the city center is located the Association for Protection, Education and the Study of Animals ZOO Planet, a small oasis and shelter for abandoned and protected animals, but also a cosy place for those who want to get away from traffic jams, daily stress and concrete.


Tourist offer:


Feeding and socializing with animals

Zoo Corner currently homes around one hundred animals. Here you can relax, spend some time with the animals and feed them,  and freshen up in the pleasant surroundings.


Recreational and off-road riding

Horseback riding in Zoo Planet souroundings will complete your experience of Nis nature. Experienced members of the association will provide basic training in riding and prepare you for our riding tracks. We offer horseback riding tours to Latin Church and the Church of St. George, Cegar area, and to famous natural resort Kamenicki Vis. For couples, there are special  surprise tracks.


Who we are:

The association was founded and run by a group of enthusiasts and volunteers who contribute daily to the preservation of nature and protection of animals. Visit us and create unforgettable memories with our tenants and our friendly volunteers and guides. All income is used for the improvement of conditions of sheltered animals and saving new endangered ones. Become a part of this beautiful story! We are waiting for you.


ZOO Planet Niš – Association for Protection, Education and the Study of Animals

Phone: 060 65 88 000, 060 65 88 003

Web page: